Venue Playback

Cookie-less Remarketing Based Off of Visiting a Physical Location.

Venue Playback allows you to map a venue e.g. your business, your competitors, or even a trade show. By mapping that area, we can identify any current or past devices associated with that location (smartphones) and continue to target them even after they leave the venue with digital banner ads to their home across all of their devices, without the use of cookies.

Marketing Application

Often times it’s difficult to reach key decision makers for the sale of a particular product or service. However, there are many instances where a venue is target rich and it’s extremely valuable to reach those people when they are on site for a convention or trade show. Additionally, being able to target people who are/ were are customers of your competitors is going to change the digital advertising landscape.

Step 1. Map location

Step 2. Identify device ID’s in target location

Step 3. Identify household IP from device ID