What is ip targeting?

There's a pretty straight forward answer in the video below.

There's an Issue with Ad Campaigns

Getting your online ad in front of a prospect is difficult with today’s highly saturated marketplace. The average person is subject to at least 5,000 ads every day. A common solution is to run a Paid Ad Campaign, however 50% of publisher traffic is Bots.

Paid Online Advertising

Has become an integral part of sales success for every business.

With The Rise of Mobile

86% of people use mobile devices to influence their shopping decisions. The market for Paid Online Advertising has no doubt expanded. With this expansion the average person is subjected to 5,000+ ads a day online alone.

Online Ad Campaigns

Generally serve as a solution to ensure your ads are seen in the online ad space for desktop and mobile.

Bots Are An Issue

50% of recorded publisher ``traffic`` are due to Bot activity.

Bot Interaction Looks Like

Human Interaction when recorded. Bots can fill out forms, visit pages, and click on ads. However these interactions never land you sales conversions and they are costing you money.

Our Solution

Will allow you to get around the bots, the cluttered web advertising space, and reach real people.

Our Solution - ip targeting

Our IP Targeting tool can pinpoint the exact household or business IP Address to reach your prospects with 95% accuracy. Here's how it works and some of the advantages of this platform.

IP Match

The process that we go through involves the use of multiple public data elements to match an IP address to a physical address.

Once the physical IP address has been matched your ads will served to the verified IP’s. The only thing required from the client in this process is that they provide a list of their target prospects.

It’s that simple!

Direct Ad Delivery

IP Targeting allows for direct ad delivery to your targeted prospects.

This includes solitary households, Neighborhoods, Block Levels, Census Track groups, or even a large blanket region like the U.S.

There is more Precision

in regards to the timing that the ads are delivered and displayed.

With this type of precision we can guarantee your ads are being seen at peak times during the day for whatever category your prospect falls under.

No Cookies are Used

The IP Targeting tool uses privacy sensitive technology to match up address.

While other online marketing tools use online cookie data, we utilize offline data, which is verified and reduces bot traffic.

By increasing the frequency of your postings

and eliminating waste, your ad buys will cost less while reaching more targeted potential customers.

IP Targeting is more effective approach overall!

  • Targeted Viewers spend 40% more time on websites
  • Have 3.2x(times) Higher Click-Through Rates
  • Have 79% Higher Response Rates.

Users Convert

50%-100% More

IP Targeting Users<br />
79% Higher Response Rates<br />
3.2x Higher Click-Through Rates<br />
40% more time on sites

Case Studies

With the evolution of digital marketing, IP targeting is now an integral tool to secure your product's place. Clever marketers understand and commit time to making sure this comes to fruition. Here are a few case studies that are a testament to that.

Case Study | Brewery

The Brewery decided on a strategy to target legislators and voters directly with their message. Ultimately, IP Targeting delivered over 300,000 ad impressions to the state legislative offices and modelled voters in the districts of selected members of the General Assembly.

Auto Dealership

After completing the discovery process with the client, Strategis identified approximately 6,000 high value prospects among the candidates....

Motorcycle Dealership

Motorcycle Dealership is located in Alton, IL (pop. 27,865) and 25mi from St. Louis where the majority of Harley Davidson owners live and has 6 other competing H-D Dealerships in the St. Louis area. To increase new and used Harley Davidson sales we...

Regional Bank

IP Targeting’s client, a regional bank located in the Southeast United States, was looking to position itself as the premier regional banking choice for personal checking options in the Southeast. The bank also sought to support efforts in growing the number of new checking accounts....

Business Banking and Lending

IP Targeting’s client, a regional bank located in the Midwest US, was looking to position itself as the premier business banking and commercial lending choice for businesses in the Midwest. This bank also sought to support their current efforts of commercial loan prospecting with this IP Marketing program...

Judicial Primaries

While IP Targeting worked with candidates in almost every judicial race in Jefferson County, they specifically designed a measurement experiment which was used in four races to assist in determining the efficacy of the IP Targeting campaigns for these races.

Digital Marketing Agency

For a private university in Indiana, the director was able to track individuals who signed up for more information, scheduled a tour of the campus and completed enrollment applications each month. As students traveled down the sales funnel, she used IP data to target specific messages and generate more conversions. The university saw well over 100+ conversions per month...


IP Targeting’s client, is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to eliminating preventable colon cancer death and suffering by increasing screening rates through education, advocacy, and health systems improvement. The Project’s work mainly included advocating for funds for uninsured and under-insured people to get screened. Funds raised come in the form of individual gifts, corporate contributions and grants. The client integrated the IP Targeting platform as part of larger outreach campaign that included...

Political Campaign - Ballot Initiative

IP Targeting implemented a targeted campaign of push advertising to voters home PC’s. We used client- supplied data of those who had requested a ballot, along with data on voter registration demographic data. IP Targeting then used this data...

Regional Home Furnishing Company

IP Targeting’s client, a regional home furnishing company, had an extensive list of past purchasers and wanted a more cost effective way to reach them. After completing a discovery process, the client decided to launch an IP Targeting campaign that would complement other ongoing advertising efforts...

New Movers and Pest Control

A Pest Control service company in Florida was looking to gain new customers in one of their local markets. New Movers is a customer segment they had been unable to reach with existing digital targeting tools. This group of consumers who recently moved into the area were very likely to need pest control for their new home. We offered a digital advertising targeting tool called...

University Admissions

IP Targeting’s client, a mid-sized for-profit university located in the western United States was looking to increase the number of applications for undergraduate admission, while reducing cost per applicant. The client integrated IP Targeting’s targeting platform as part of larger outreach campaign that included both direct mail and email. This combined campaign targeted...


IP Targeting’s client, a mid-sized for-profit university located in the western United States was looking to increase the number of applications for undergraduate admission, while reducing cost per applicant. The client integrated IP Targeting’s platform as part of larger outreach campaign that included both direct mail and email. This combined campaign targeted households of approximately 14,000 likely students who were modeled based on ACT / SAT score, location and high school graduation date. Students were delivered ads with appropriate scholarship offers based on their ACT / SAT scores.

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IP Targeting takes away a lot of the hard work on your end as well. Give us your off-line list of prospects and we’ll handle the rest. List uploads, Ad Placement and Tracking will be handled and during your campaign run, you’ll receive credible weekly reports with comprehensive break-downs of ad performance.

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