Reverse Append: Retargeting Anonymous Site Visits With Direct Mail

What is Reverse Append?

It’s an algorithm that uses a visitor’s IP address to located a physical one; whether it is a home or office. This allows companies to target those locations with direct mail pieces within 48 – 72 hours of the initial website visit.

1. Place a pixel on a website

2. Set trigger points for Reverse Append

3. Pixel collects IP address and URL of anonymous website visitor

4. IP addresses are matched with physical addresses & securely sent to direct mail partners

Long story short, an active buyer visits to your site – they receive direct mail.

Why it Works

We don’t use cookies. Most marketing agencies will use cookies to retarget prospects. Instead, we track the breadcrumbs created by each visitor to locate a physical address. This also allows you to customize different direct mail pieces to that address. For example, if we see that a visitor has been looking at mortgage pages on a banking website – we can send direct mail relating to mortgage loans.